The Weekend-an introduction

I’ve been thinking about these ultralight overcoats that I’ve seen on many very cool characters. What are the differences between these and the more structured ones? How do you balance the fit? Which fabrics are both comfortable and durable?


Traditional coats are structured and heavy but everyday life has changed so much. Modern production is always searching for comfort and lightness. I have to admit, the older I get the more I understand and appreciate the comfort of an unstructured garment. The sense of ease throws you immediately into a different mood like when you wear a t-shirt layered with a cashmere sweater.

During my research searching for fabrics I found a reversible cloth; super high quality, soft and warm, almost a blanket. This was my opportunity to make a reversible overcoat. I decided to go the extra-mile, and so, The Weekend was born. This name reflects many of its characteristics but also declares the philosophy of this garment.

An overcoat, actually two because it’s reversible, is the perfect companion for your moment to relax. Always dressy enough, you can wear it with a sport coat. Equally, you can dress it down with a t-shirt and a sweater, sneakers or loafers, trousers or jeans. There are many options.


Light, obviously unlined, and featuring many details. It takes very specialized craftsmen to make The Weekend. Reversible overcoats require certain amount of work to get the fit we find to be the most comfortable and versatile.

It is available in two versions: single and double breasted.