Carin Lilja + PML

During a trunk show in New York, introduced by our friend Richard Carroll, at that time part of The Armoury team, I had the pleasure to meet Carin Lilja, super talented Swedish stylist operating in US.


After a brief chat we understood we had the same vision about style and quality and following Carin’s wishes we came up with an idea for a pair of trousers for her.


It came out an astonishing pair of oversized pleated trousers in tweed, absolutely marvelous.


The chat went on at the second appointment and Carin expressed the need of offering a better quality to her clients, higher than the most of the fashion brands. That is a popular topic: often the big fashion brands focus on the style more than the quality and don’t offer an MTO service.


It came natural for me to offer that possibility, feeling that this crazy idea that was born between three people with a similar vision was just the right thing to do.


Carin seemed to be very happy about the idea and Richard became the glue for the three of us.

I made another pair for Carin feeling free on the choice of cloth, to check if my impression on the similar vision was right; she loved them!

So we started from there: Carin designed 5 different style of trousers, all fantastic; since then we have a weekly meeting and our small collection is coming out.

You can find our first style, “Suzanne”, in two different cloths online now.


More to come… very exciting!