The Palazzi flannel capsule collection



When first I decided to start the new brand PML clothing what I was trying to do was to find a new interpretation of the same clothes we were using for classic trousers.

I grew up with my father telling me how important was the importance of the material in clothing, that the most of the average production would have used only mediocre clothes.


I found exciting to imagine new piece of garments made out of the same cloth I’ve always seen used for suits, trousers and sportcoats.


Then I came up with a capsule collection using the Palazzi flannel by Fox, which has it’s best expression in the overshirt, a supercomfortable and unique piece of garment. The buttons are original vintage from the 40's.


The hats are the result of a short trip I took last summer while spending my holydays in the Marche region. A friend told me about a village well known for the hat makers. I drove there and remained astonished from the beauty of the land, the villages and the level of excellence of the productions I’ve visited.




We added a very special and precious watch strap hand made by my friend HuitCinq, only Made to order. A pretty unique piece, so nice that it was copied right away!! ;)