Introducing "The King"

London at night. I’m on the wet streets of Mayfair walking back to my Hotel. To me, Mayfair at night is a place of strong contrasts. People in black-tie cross my way. I notice how popular black-tie is in certain countries, especially compared to Italy where people would usually just wear a suit. Perhaps the reason might be that Italian people don’t want to take it too seriously?


My thoughts fly to a less ceremonial idea. However, it is still precious, a modern idea for formal attire — “The King” is born.


I have a passion for Alpaca and have learned to appreciate the raglan shoulder. The silhouette is simple, clean, comfortable. It is again made mostly from the actual cloth, unlined. The name brings an irony too, like the nicknames of the rock stars, because, yes, “The King” is also Rock ’n’ Roll!


Due to its preciousness “The King” is only available Made-to-Order.