Black is back

Corduroy has always been a fairly casual cloth associated with Boston college professors. On the other hand, its unique texture makes it interesting and interpretable.

I’ve seen a purple corduroy suit that I loved and owned a pair of purple cords trousers myself. I also have baby blue, forest green and cream. They all look and feel very different from each other.


Black has been banned from tailoring for a long time; with the exception of black-tie. It has been perceived as too closely related to Fashion after the designers imposed their total black uniform (easy game!) on the market in the 90’s and early 2000.

I feel it’s about time to bring it back — but never in a boring way. By this I mean that we must be very careful to choose a texture that will enhance the black, giving life to it.

Black is the colour of rock’n’roll, of poets, of nightclubbing. Black is New York and London. Black is urban and strong, mysterious and romantic.

Let it be a choice, not an imposition.

Welcome back black!