There is a topic that entered our life as a little brand and as human beings that became central to our vision: sustainability.


We know now that we produce way too much and consume way too many resources just for pumping the extreme consumerism that our society accepted as a lifestyle. Writers, activists, few politicians, journalists ask big company to slow down and people in general are called to act in their daily life against the overproduction and the unsustainable use of any resource.

More and more people are becoming more conscious of the actual situation and its gravity, and their choices are changing.


On my side I’ve always been sensitive on certain matters, in fact I’ve always loved the idea of sartorial products for their inner value of sustainability too; I’ve preferred small and high-quality productions to anything set on a large scale.

Recently I came across a very interesting book, Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas. The author gives a wide and complete overview on the actual market critical points and tells a lot of inspiring stories of small business with a very modern vision on sustainability.


I felt encouraged on telling the little steps we did with PML clothing following an idea I’ve always felt right in any choice, which is the optimization of the resources.

I’ve always been excited about repairing something nice still useful, or piece of clothing of high quality found in a flea market or and old wardrobe that with a couple of adjustment to the fitting and details could still work. For PML I do more: I travel and search anywhere I can find precious fabrics forgotten or left after productions; the strongest inspiration in making the garments comes from the cloth I find; It’s like it would talk to me suggesting what to make with it.

The result makes me proud knowing that I’m not only producing a nice piece of garment that will probably make someone happy when he wears it, but also the fact I’m giving a second chance to that forgotten cloth, maybe left there for ages, to become a beautiful piece, what a magic!!!


The same things happen with the buttons, a little passion I developed, sitting on the shelves of some shop forever; beautiful as anything that was able to change peacefully through time.


Yes, being a little more sustainable makes me feel better and more in balance with my world.