Vintage shades

Vintage is often fascinating for the way it aged and the uniqueness of the mix of colors and materials not common on the contemporary market for a number of reasons: unavailability of certain materials or manufacturing technics, which became too expensive for the actual production or just not adequate anymore for the modern production needs.


Vintage therefore can be imperfect, probably not the best in terms of performance, not always super comfortable, often with weird proportions, but we still look at it with a lot of respect and fascination. It can bring back memories or just recall images of movies, album covers, old magazines. 


In my personal endless research of beauty I encounter unique pieces that I buy as references, being the most of time available only in one piece.


This time I was lucky enough to get in touch with a deadstock of vintage sunglasses which I fell in love with. Unique shape, unique materials, unique proportions.

I bought one for myself, a little rounded overall, smooth, a little small compared with the more popular glasses on the market. Honestly they made me feel like a 70’s playboy.

Yes, they are bold glasses with a lot of personality; don’t we often buy shades to look cool? To feel cool? To tell the world we are here and we are proud of bringing ourselves out in life?

Yes, that is the answer.

And yes I love these glasses and am proud to share with you.